Why did we go plant based?

Katharine has been a vegetarian since she was 13, her reasoning at that time was animal welfare and personal health & wellness. This was early 2000's, very progressive for her time. Personally, growing up in India, I ate meat once a week. Which I really enjoyed and appreciated. However, short after I relocated to North America, I got accustomed to consuming meat multiple times a day. More on this transition in a future post.

Now, why did we go plant based? Three main reasons - personal health, climate change/environmental impact and animal welfare. Personally, when I switched to plant based diet, my intention was to try for a month but I saw some immediate health benefits that kept me going longer than I had planned. These are some of the benefits I noticed - lost about 14 lb. in a month, I had more energy (physically and mentally), and reduction in inflammation (my knee used to inflame after squats). There are several environmental benefits in following plant based diet, maybe I will try to cover this in a separate post.

My suggestion is not for everyone to go fully plant based but to increase your plant based consumption. Try eliminating animal products (meat, dairy, egg etc.) one or two meal a week, incorporate more vegetables, try replacing meat with tofu or beans once a week. See if you notice any difference.

Healthy eating is a journey, so please be patient. However, if you have been thinking about transitioning to healthy eating, you have to stop thinking and start trying. You have to start somewhere! It is really important to know your WHY? Why do you want to eat healthy? Your why will help you to stay on your journey. Our why is our two little daughters, staying healthy for them and teaching them healthy eating habits.

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