Plant Based Diet

Updated: Jan 20

We have been following plant based diet for almost three years now. It has been great, we have seen so many benefits and we hope to share our experience and knowledge with you over several posts. In this first post, we want to touch on what is plant based diet? Our goal is to keep these posts really short and to the point.

What is Plant Based Diet?

Plant based diet is primarily eating whole foods (whole vegetables and fruits) with minimally processed ingredients. Our personal opinion, plant based diet and plant forward diet are different. If you are following plant based diet, you are not consuming any meat but if you are following plant forward diet, you are consuming minimum amount of meat. Both diets are great, excellent way to live long and healthy. However, for the purpose of this post, we will focus on plant based diet.

Foods we primarily eat are vegetable, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts/healthy fats and plant based protein. Healthy plant based diet should consists of 60-70% of complex carbohydrates, 10-15% of healthy fats and 10-15% of plant based proteins. In future posts we will cover these in detail but this should help you get you started.

In the next post we will discuss why we chose to go plant based.

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